Vet costs for cats: an overview

How much does it cost to keep your feline friend well looked after? We put together an overview of typical vet costs.

5 minute read2022-09-20
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Cats are much-loved companions and are sure to make your house feel like a home. Beyond cat food and toy mice, how much can you expect to pay to keep them happy and healthy? We interviewed senior vet and veterinary practice manager Michelle Rummer to inform you of the necessary costs to ensure your furry sidekick is properly taken care of.

How are vet costs calculated?

In Germany, vet costs are based on an official schedule of fees for veterinarians. Depending on factors like the vet’s level of specialisation and the location of their practice, prices range up to three times the minimum fee. As well as regular check-ups, there is a chance your cat could get injured or ill – we know how much they mean to you and want to help set expectations for costs your kitten might incur.

Potential vet costs include check-ups and physical exams, x-rays, lab tests, medication, vaccinations and bandages. Other contributing factors include equipment, the vet’s time, the practice’s rental costs, unexpected complications, out-of-hours care and home visits.

It is important to have your pet vaccinated against common diseases and prevent the need for deworming, so the kitty stays clean and comfortable. Your cat may think it is the boss of you but remember: You are in charge of keeping it healthy. It might not enjoy a tooth cleaning, but dental disease is common (one in two cats over five years of age suffer from it) and painful – affected teeth must be removed.

How often should I take my cat to the vet?

Since your cat can’t talk to you, you should take it to the vet at least once a year for a general health and wellness checkup. Kittens require monthly visits to the vet for the first 16 weeks. Senior cats over eight years old should be seen every six months.

Outdoor cats generally need to go to the vet more frequently because they are exposed to other animals and the outside world. Indoor cats are less likely to get in fights or accidents or become infected. If you have a Persian cat, be aware they are particularly prone to diseases including diabetes, which requires daily insulin shots. Some have called these gorgeous Persians ‘the French bulldog of cats’!

How much will vet visits cost?

Not all vets charge the same amount – small countryside vet practices typically charge the minimum fee, while city vets tend to have higher costs. A specialist can charge up to triple the basic fee. If treatment is complex or takes longer than expected, your vet bill will be more expensive.

A general check-up and consultation will cost €9–30. You will pay €7–20 for vaccine certificates. Spaying/neutering costs €20–60 for a male and €58–174 for a female. The fee for an x-ray to examine an injury is €26–77, and blood tests cost €16–48.

What about video consultations?

Video consultations with a vet are a great way to receive guidance from a professional. Virtual appointments typically mean shorter waiting times and less stress for your pet. This is the fastest way to get help in an emergency, day or night. Virtual consultations cost €25–35.

Can I get pet health insurance to cover my kitty’s vet costs?

You certainly can. Getsafe’s pet health insurance covers all your pet’s vet costs, from check-ups and tests to surgeries and boarding at the vet clinic in the unfortunate event your cat should hurt itself. All pet insurance policies from Getsafe include 24/7 access to unlimited video consultations to give you and your favourite feline peace of mind!

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