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Melanie and Michael agree: The Sales Service Team is full of crazy birds! Read here what working at Getsafe is all about for them


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Hello you two! What motivated you to get into sales, and what do you like most about your job?

Melanie: I trained in the traditional insurance sector. I really enjoyed the work in consulting and sales, but the atmosphere and the interpersonal aspects didn’t quite work for me. It’s a whole different story at Getsafe – I especially appreciate the direct contact with customers. Most are super happy when we call them and want to get a consultation.

Michael: I’ve been part of Getsafe since September of last year, which kind of makes me the first member of the Sales Service team. It’s extremely fun – and the work doesn’t have a lot to do with the kind of classic insurance industry! We get to have a very comfortable relationship with the customers, which allows us to really see eye to eye when we consult with them, and build up trust – which goes both ways.

The Sales Team is divided into two groups: Sales Service Agents and Sales Consultants. What’s the difference between them?

Michael: As sales service agents, we actively support the consultants and coordinate the consultations for life and health insurance. At the same time, our calls might become consultations as well if a customer has questions regarding our other products. So we have to consider both sides – the customers and the consultants.

Sales is often characterised by competition among teammates. How is the atmosphere at Getsafe?

Melanie: The dynamic at Getsafe is entirely different from what I had come to know in insurance. If I was unable to bring a consultation to a successful close, I was feeling down. I don’t get that at Getsafe, and it doesn’t feel like there is a lot of competition going around. Rather, we look out for each other, and help out so that everyone’s happy doing what they do.

Michael: Yeah, I’d say so. There are also many areas where we have to work together as a team; it’s not just every person for themselves.

Sounds like great team spirit!

Melanie: Yes, I think we’re a strong team. It’s very relaxed, and we’re all a bunch of crazy birds.

Michael: For sure! Having fun and spending that time together between the calls is super important since talking about insurance all day can in fact be rather dry.

Melanie: At the same time, you don’t just talk to customers about insurance. You establish a basis first by talking about anything and everything. Once everyone feels comfortable, you can move on to talk about people’s insurance needs.

What characteristics – except maybe a little bit of crazy – should a sales agent bring to the table?

Melanie: The most important thing is the will and motivation to stay on the phone the entire day. You should definitely be a talkative person, and in our case, insurance knowledge would be preferable (laughs). However, we also have people who jumped into insurance for the first time at Getsafe!

Michael: I’d add that it is also very natural to be a bit shy before the first call. Even a consultation via phone takes courage! Everyone who is willing to learn new things is welcome in our team.

Is there anything important I haven’t asked about yet?

Michael: I’d like to mention that a team like ours probably wouldn’t work as well without our amazing team lead. Martin is a true leader and a father figure to us.

Melanie: Great description (laughs)! His fairness and his honesty really foster the trust we have in each other. I really appreciate that you don’t only get to talk to your own team, but you meet many different people when you’re at the office.

Michael: Oh, right, we haven’t even talked about the office yet – the icing on the cake. Going into detail here would probably go beyond the scope of this interview, though (laughs).

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