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Young at heart, with 23 years of experience in insurance: Bianca is now our brand-new Team Lead Claims

4 minute read2022-08-15
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Hi Bianca! You’ve been a part of Getsafe for one year – now you’re a team lead (congrats again)! What have you learned so far?

One year of Getsafe – it went by a lot faster than any other year throughout my career. Never before have I had so much variety, changing challenges, and continuous fun with my work. What have I learned? Plan your day, but things are still going to happen differently (laughs). I’ve learned to adapt to changes on the daily, and to execute them. We don’t just want to be good, we want to be better.

How did it happen that you joined Getsafe and entered the startup world after working at a corporation for 23 years?

One day prior to my summer vacation that year, LinkedIn sent me a suggestion for the job at Getsafe. I thought about it for one minute and sent in my application. I had already collaborated with other startups, so I had a rough idea of what it was going to be like. I like the openness, the friendly tone, the growth, the constant change, the flexibility, the modern technology. It’s amazing to work in a world where things really move forward.

What is it that you like so much about your job?

The world of claims is my passion. Every claim is different. You need to employ the brain, but also your imagination and sense for plausibilities. I’m fascinated by works of terms and conditions, and how the law comes into it. The challenge of readjusting to every single claim, its different conditions, and the personalities of our customers, is super exciting.

Cool! What do you do on the weekend to unwind from a busy week?

I don’t have full weekends these days, actually. With the support of Getsafe, I’m currently studying to become a claims specialist and I spend my Saturdays going to lectures. Any time that is left, I like to spend doing photography – preferably at night. I like skyscrapers, lights, bridges, and other atmospheric places. I’m a big fan of bulb exposure and I spend a lot of time outside with my husband. At the end of the weekend, I like to have a sauna. Then I’m ready to get into the new week!

What do you think: How would your colleagues describe you in three words?

Friendly – clumsy – nerd.

How do you like to plan your time off – several weeks at once, or rather individual days here and there?

A mixture is perfect for me! I like to take a day here and there to make city trips or go on photography tours. At the same time, I enjoy traveling far away as well. Vacation at home is a no-go for me. Traveling makes me happy!

What was your greatest trip?

Oof, I can’t pinpoint that, I’ve had so many. I am a big fan of Thailand, I’ve been there six times. I also went to the U.S. twice in 2018, where I visited my daughter during her time as an Au-Pair. The first time we went to Chicago-Niagara Falls-D.C.-New York, and in autumn I did the Highway no. 1 tour from San Francisco-Monterey-Santa Barbara-Los Angeles-Hollywood. In winter, I also really enjoy the mountains. I love skiing down snowy ski courses and enjoying the beauty of the Alps.

Is there something in your day-to-day life that you always look forward to?

Yes, that would be my husband, my two daughters, and my animals. I have three cats and two rabbits!

What would you say to a 10-year-old you?

I would say: You can relax, your life is going to be good. You could do more to learn languages and go abroad after finishing school – but it’s always going to be fine and you’ll be very happy.

Last question for today, Bianca: What have been your highlights at Getsafe until now?

There were a lot! A year ago, we started to set up our claims department with a team of three people and a blank sheet of paper. A lot has happened since then. We’ve built our own system, established structures, implemented service providers, and received our own insurance license. I’ve onboarded seven new Getsafees that have evolved into an amazing team. My biggest highlight is the most recent one, though: I’ve taken on the responsibility for our team as team lead. I’m extremely happy about this new challenge and already looking forward to everything that’s to come!

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