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All our insurance products in a nutshell

6 minute read2022-04-12
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It’s a jungle out there … So many types of insurance, so little time to compare and understand what they’re good for. And most importantly, to find out which of them you actually need. Want a little help? Look no further – here’s your overview of all our insurance products and how they make your life easier.

The starter pack

Personal liability insurance

Although it’s not compulsory, liability insurance is definitely a must-have for everyone. All it takes is a single careless moment and bam – you’ve accidentally damaged something. Unfortunately, you’re liable and have to pay for it. Good news: You don’t need to foot the bill yourself if you have liability insurance.

With a coverage sum of up to €50 million, Getsafe Liability Insurance covers you if you accidentally cause damage to other people, their property or their assets. Select the family tariff to insure anyone who shares a household with you.


As the name suggests, contents insurance protects all of your household contents. These include your furniture, electrical appliances, valuables, clothing – basically every item in your home. If your prized possessions are damaged or destroyed by fire, water, burglary and theft, storm or hail, we will cover the costs. And even if it’s totally your own fault, you are 100 % covered in cases of gross negligence. What’s more, you can extend your cover to include bike theft, glass breakage and damage caused by natural hazards.

Car insurance

If you want to use your car in Germany, there’s no way around car liability insurance: This legally required basic protection for all drivers covers the costs that may arise from property damage and personal injury in the event of a car accident.

To protect your own car against damage, you can take out partial or fully comprehensive coverage, which insures you against risks such as theft, animal bites, broken glass and fire. The highest level of protection also covers you for damage caused by vandalism and even accidental damage that you’re responsible for.

With Getsafe, you get even more from your car insurance: You can happily let someone else take the wheel because you can insure up to five additional drivers free of charge. Plus, we reward every claim-free year with a five percent discount on your premium.

Legal insurance

It’s a fact of life that disputes happen – whether in a private or public setting. Sometimes, these disagreements can’t be resolved without legal help, which can be quite costly! Legal insurance means you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank: Whatever the issue, Getsafe Legal enables you to stand up for your rights. Thanks to an unlimited level of financial cover, we take care of any costs that arise through legal disputes. In addition, our free legal hotline is available 24/7: Simply contact our legal experts at any time if you have any questions.

Health comes first

Dental insurance

Dental health shouldn’t be a question of money. However, public health insurance has only covered a fraction of the dental treatment costs in recent years. Getsafe Dental Insurance pays up to 100 percent of your bill for fillings, root canal and periodontal treatments. You also get reimbursed up to €80 annually for your professional dental cleaning. Nothing will stand in the way of that perfect smile!

Occupational disability insurance

Sad but true: According to statistics, one in four people in Germany will become unable to work at some point in their professional lives. Common reasons include mental illness, heart disease, cancer, and illnesses that affect movement. What happens if you get sick and can’t work for a longer period of time? Well, then your finances can quickly become very tight.

Disability insurance offers peace of mind for it allows you to take precautions and protect your income. When the going gets tough, you don’t have to worry: You’ll get paid a monthly pension – as long as you need it. Any questions? Our team of experts will be happy to advise you about the right policy for you. Simply book your personal consultation in the app.

Financial health matters

Private pension

It’s no secret that the state pension is not enough to live comfortably in retirement. For most people, it amounts to less than 50 percent of their last net income. Add taxes and inflation to the equation … and one thing becomes clear as day: In order to live life to the full in old age, you have to make your own provisions.

One way of closing the pension gap is through our private pension plan: It allows you to invest your money broadly in financial assets via funds. You can choose the contribution amount and investment form yourself – and decide when the money should be paid out.

Would you like a personal consultation? Our team of experts is on hand to answer your questions and find the pension plan that works for you. You can make an appointment via the app.

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Free time – worry-free

Dog liability insurance

Sometimes even the cutest puppy dog eyes are not enough to make up for what happened. Getsafe Dog Liability Insurance covers you if your dog is responsible for damage to other people, their property or assets. We’re happy to insure any dog breed, from Labrador to miniature poodle. We really can’t get enough of dogs! With our Emergency Dog Support extension, you get additional cover when you need help quickly: for example during search and rescue operations.

Drone liability insurance

There’s one thing you need to know before you can fly your drone: In Germany, drone insurance is mandatory. At Getsafe, you get two-for-one protection – Drone Liability Insurance also covers you for personal liability damages.

If you already have Getsafe Liability Insurance you can easily extend it to your drones in the app. What’s more, you are also protected outside of Germany and are free to explore the whole world from a bird’s eye view.

What do all Getsafe insurance policies have in common?

They are completely transparent, simple and fair. Buy, manage, adapt, even cancel your policy in seconds. We’re here to protect you and your loved ones whenever and wherever you need us. Without any paperwork or hassle. You have all your documents in one place – the Getsafe app – and can file claims in just a few taps. It’s that easy.

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