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We will explain the most important functions of the app and how you can customise your coverage to perfectly suit you


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Being insured with Getsafe means not needing even a single sheet of paper throughout the whole insurance process. Not only are we digital, but we put our app first. This sets us apart because many insurance providers that allow you to purchase policies online still send you paperwork by post or have an extra customer portal to log into. Not us.

We are firm believers in the mobile revolution and that's why we have decided to become your mobile insurer – we only exist on your smartphone. So if you want to get the most out of our insurance, you'll have to download our app.

Your coverage

Upon opening the Getsafe app, you get an overview of which insurance policies you already have. With just one click on the relevant policy, you can see: What’s covered, what isn’t? Who is insured and how much am I paying?

Filing a claim

It doesn’t matter which insurance policy you bought from Getsafe, the easiest and fastest way of filing a claim is through the Getsafe app. No tedious phone calls, no paperwork.

Go to “Claims” in the navigation bar and click on the button “File Claim”. Our chatbot Carla will then guide you through the process – which won’t take more than 3 minutes. Here you can find out more about it.


Carla is already an expert at recording and handling claims. If you have any other requests, you can ask her a question and our Customer Service team will get back to you. In the future, Carla will be able to answer your questions even more directly – we are working on training her artificial intelligence.

Adding additional people to your policy

An insurance policy is often beneficial not only for you, but also your loved ones. You can easily add others to your insurance policy via the Getsafe app – so that they have the same access to insurance coverage and can ask Carla for help. Simply open your coverage and add people to your policy.

Adding extensions

You should only pay for things you actually want to insure, at a time that suits your needs. With an extension, you can individually adjust your insurance policy to your current life situation.

What do you need right now – and what don’t you need? You can easily extend your coverage or remove individual elements with just a few clicks via the app. Learn more.

Cancel an insurance policy

Moving to a different place, starting a family, or even making an expensive purchase – these are all good reasons to take a look at the Getsafe app and reflect on what you need from your insurance coverage.

You can cancel your Getsafe insurance policies at any time with just one click. You just have to open the policy you want to cancel, scroll all the way down, and click on “Remove Coverage”. Your termination will then take effect the following day. Would you rather plan a termination in the long term? Let Carla help you.

Managing your profile

Personal information

Maybe you have a new phone number, moved away, or changed your email address. You can easily change your personal information in your profile.


Has your bank account number changed? Or did you change your mind and would rather pay with PayPal? No problem: You can easily switch your payment method in your profile. Go to your profile on the menu bar, choose "Payment Method" and click on "Edit" to make your adjustments in real-time.

Insurance documents

With our app, you can access and print all of your important insurance documents whenever you need to. These include your insurance policy and in some cases an insurance certificate, such as when you buy an insurance policy that covers your drone.

You can view all available documents in your profile under the menu option “Insurance Documents”. You can always ask Carla for help if something is missing.

Do you still have questions or want to share your feedback about the app? We’re happy to hear from you.

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Author: Maxine