How an insurance broker rates our car insurance

Tobias from VMK (Versicherungen mit Kopf) took a closer look at our car insurance in his latest article. Read this summary to find out how well it performs.

3 minute read2021-11-19
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How good is Getsafe car insurance?

We’ve already outlined in our comprehensive guide how a good car insurance policy should look like. Getsafe's car insurance meets almost all the criteria. However, there is one sticking point: Getsafe currently does not insure new cars. Likewise, the company will not reimburse someone for the value of a new car, should it become damaged.

How does the Getsafe car insurance differ from other insurances?

These eight points make Getsafe car insurance particularly attractive:

  1. The insurance can be cancelled at any time – simply via the app.
  2. You can insure up to five additional drivers, free of charge.
  3. If you never caused any damage, you start with bonus-malus class 4 – cool!
  4. Price protection is free with Getsafe. However, if there is an accumulation of claims, Getsafe might downgrade you.
  5. You will receive a voucher of 5% for each year you don’t make a claim.
  6. You can choose an excess between €150 and €1,500 to reduce your premium. It is best to check whether this is worthwhile for you.
  7. If you drive fewer kilometres than originally stated, you will get money back.
  8. Your payment method (monthly or yearly) does not affect your premium.

Where is room for improvement?

Price protection

The conditions for price protection are quite intransparent. Normally, you will not be downgraded with Getsafe car insurance in case of an accident. However, if there is an accumulation of claims, Getsafe may downgrade you. It is not clear from the insurance conditions how accumulation is defined. Getsafe says that the price protection is decided on a case-by-case basis and according to the level of a person's own fault. However, no one has been downgraded in the current contract year yet.

New cars cannot be insured and claimants won’t be reimbursed for the price of new car

Currently, you cannot insure new cars. Compensation for the value of a new car is also not possible. Therefore, the insurance is not really suitable for customers with new cars or cars that were registered for the first time less than 12 months ago, for example.

Getsafe can only be reached by phone during business hours

Getsafe does not offer 24/7 claims filing by phone and can therefore only be reached by phone during business hours. However, it is possible to file a claim via the app at any time.

No telematics tariff is offered

A telematics tariff could especially be interesting for young people. However, Getsafe does not offer this at the moment.

The Getsafe app

With Getsafe, you don't need to fill out the usual paperwork, because you can do everything in a few seconds via the app. You can adjust your contract, change your personal data, file a claim, and cancel at any time with the app. In addition, the app offers a chatbot to help you with simple matters around the clock. For more complex questions, you can call the Getsafe customer service team during business hours.


Getsafe car insurance offers many special features that many of its competitors do not. This makes it particularly attractive for young people. While Getsafe can’t offer the cheapest price to all customers and for all cars, it is clearly one of the most modern car insurance policies on the German market.

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