Mobile Phone Stolen: Covered or Not?

What does your contents insurance cover?


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The mobile phone is one of our most important companions. But what if something happens to it? For example someone breaks into your home and steals your phone. Is that covered by your contents insurance? You can find the answer in the following article.

What does your contents insurance cover?

Here's what happened

When it comes to iPhones, everyone has their own buying strategy: only in even years, only with groundbreaking innovations, only with an uneven number of cameras... the possibilities seem to be endless.

You've chosen to go with the “uneven year”-strategy, and now you're overjoyed with your new iPhone 11 Pro. That's both a reason to be happy and concerned: Past experience shows that it's only a matter of time before your screen breaks or your iPhone goes swimming. So you decide to leave your phone at home for now if you don't really need it.

You quickly post a Selfie with the Hashtag #digitaldetox, leave your phone in your apartment and go on a relaxing weekend trip. After dreaming of the increasing number of notifications for almost three days, you come home on Sunday evening - only to find out that someone broke into your apartment and stole your brand new iPhone.

A closer look at the Getsafe App tells you that burglary is covered by your contents insurance. You contact our customer service to resolve your remaining uncertainties:

What exactly does burglary mean?

This means that someone forced their way into your apartment and stole items from your apartment. However, it’s important to know that insurances distinct three types of “theft”. In your case, it’s burglary, then there is "simple theft" and robbery.

What is the difference between simple theft, robbery and burglary?

If you carry your mobile phone with you and it is stolen from your pocket without your noticing it, it is classified as "simple" theft and is not covered by contents insurance. Robbery, on the other hand, means that the item is stolen under threat of violence. Robbery is covered by your contents insurance.

This makes it clear: your damage falls under the category "burglary" and is covered by your contents insurance.

Now you can take pictures of the burglary tracks, report the burglary to the police and keep your iPhone purchase invoice ready to report the damage quickly and easily via the Getsafe app. The damage will be reimbursed within a short time.

You are not covered by contents insurance yet?

Author: Kathrin