Cover yourself for up to 50m
✓ Key loss is covered
✓ Enjoy worldwide coverage

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With Getsafe, you can save up to 60% compared with your current insurer

Put simply, Getsafe Liability insurance is cheap! But thats not all. In addition to great prices, you benefit from worldwide cover and the option of cancelling at any time!

But how is this possible? At Getsafe, we use the latest technology to offer you the best prices. You can manage everything in our app and save money. So, what are you waiting for?


Getsafe Premium

Personal liability is an absolute must-have.
We cover the financial costs should you accidentally cause
damage to someone else, their property, or assets.
Damage to your own property is not covered.

Leisure and key loss
Secondary employment
Property owners and tenants

Leisure and key loss

Whether you’re playing or sport or enjoying your time abroad, your personal liability insurance has you covered. This includes:

Leisure and hobbies

Taking part in sport
Driving abroad (Mallorca cover)
Damage abroad
Motor vehicles not subject to insurance


Exotic pets
Taking care of someone else’s horse or dog
Riding someone else’s horse

Lock replacement (due to key loss)

House or apartment keys
Work keys
Keys for places where you volunteer


Transparency is important to us. For this reason, we don’t want to hide anything from you. These incidents are not covered by Getsafe Private Liability insurance.

Damage to your property that you caused
Your dogs or horses
Glass damage in rented living spaces
Car accidents
Damage from natural wear
Damages to people insured by your liability policy
Damage in your professional environment
Key loss without lock change


The liability insurance that every drone owner needs! If you have an "oops" moment with your drone, we’ve got you covered. If only everything in life was that easy!



Do you want to cover your family as well as yourself? No problem! Simply add the names of your loved ones to your coverage in the Getsafe app.


50 million euro insured sum

Financial cover


Anyone can have a bad day. That’s why we support you financially should you cause damage to someone else, their property, or assets. We cover up to €50 million per claim.

Key loss is covered

Key loss

Key loss is covered

Lost your keys? No problem! If you lose keys for your own home, place of work, or a place of voluntary work, we’ll cover the costs when the lock has to be replaced.

Worldwide cover



It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling to Paris, Milan, Tokyo, or New York – you can go exploring with the peace of mind of knowing that you’re covered. Outside of Europe, you get the same level of coverage as you would in Germany for five years. Within Europe, there is no time limit on how long you’re covered for. Where will you go next?



Damage to someone else

As you’re taking a walk around town, you receive a text message. While you’re concentrating on reading your message, you carelessly cross the street. Unfortunately, you don’t notice the cyclist approaching. The cyclist tries to avoid you and falls over, injuring their leg. Luckily for you, your insurance covers the costs.


Damage to someone else's property

Your friend moved to a new flat. You bring her a bottle of red wine as a moving-in present. During a lively conversation, you accidentally spill red wine on your friend’s new white designer carpet. There’s no need to panic! Getsafe Liability covers damage you cause to someone else’s property.


Financial loss

You’re riding through town on your new skateboard. While you’re cruising along, you become distracted by a street performer. Then suddenly, you collide with a pedestrian. The person you hit dislocates their shoulder and breaks their hand. This person is self-employed craftsman, who now cannot work due to these injuries – resulting in financial loss. The good news for you is that your insurance will cover the compensation.



Getsafe offers the option to contribute to the costs of any claim. This is known as an excess or deductible. You might wonder why this option exists, but the answer is quite simple. The higher excess you choose when purchasing insurance, the lower your premium will be. You can choose from an excess of 0, 150, or 300.

You can find out more about how the excess works in this document.


Why do I need liability insurance?
What will I be insured against?
When will my policy be valid from?
Can I get insurance with Getsafe if I don’t have German citizenship?
Is my policy valid when I’m abroad?
Is my drone insured?
Are my spouse/partner and family insured?
Are my animals insured?
When will the first payment for my insurance be taken?


For those of you, who want to know specifically what the Getsafe Liability insurance is about, here are the most important documents:

Benefits overview

Terms and conditions



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