Drone Liability

  • Worldwide coverage
  • €50 million insured sum
  • Daily cancellation

from €3.77 / month

  • Multiple Pilots

    No matter if you or your friends are taking off, we got you all covered.

  • Worldwide Coverage

    Drones up to 5kg are covered for non-commercial use for up to five years worldwide, and for an unlimited period in Europe.

  • Unlimited Number

    More than one drone in use? We cover them all with 1 insurance

Our Tariff

The compulsory insurance for drone owners: If something goes wrong while flying your drone, we step in.

Getsafe drone liability is always at your side through the app. In case something goes wrong, you can report the damage on the spot. We will then take over and resolve the matter as quickly as possible.


Your Benefits

  • Up to €50 million
  • Accidental damage
  • Daily cancellation

from €3.77 / month

What's covered?

Drones up to 5kg
Other people
Liability damages
Private use

What's not?

Replacement or repair of the drone
Flights above 120m
Using video glasses
Commercial use
Flight outside field of view

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