• Covered in case of fire, storm & burglary
  • €250.000 insured sum
  • Daily cancellation

from €2.99 / month

  • Cover your belongings

    Contents insurance compensates you should your possessions become damaged as the result of an insured risk.

  • Protect against damage from fire, water, and burglary

    Damage caused by a burst water pipe, fire, storms, or hail is covered by contents insurance.

  • For tenants and homeowners

    Contents insurance covers your belongings in your home – regardless of whether you rent or own your house or apartment.

Our Tariff

We take care of your belongings if they are damaged, for example by fire or tap water.

Getsafe contents insurance is always by your side via our app. If you have mishap, you can report the damage as soon as it happens. This means we can take care of your claim as quickly as possible.


Your Benefits

  • Up to €250,000
  • Damage caused by fire, water, storms, or burglary
  • Even in cases of gross negligence
  • Up to 12 months outside of your insured home

from €2.99 / month


Add an extra level of protection to your home with the Getsafe extensions for Contents. You can cover bikes and glass items in your home.

What's covered?

Policy overview
This Getsafe policy supports you with the following benefits:
€250,000 of coverage
The maximum payout for a claim
Personal possessions insurance
Up to 12 months and €50,000
Up to €20,000
Downloaded music and videos
Up to €25,000
Financial losses due to phishing
Online banking fraud via unauthentic emails
Gross negligence
Up to 100% of your coverage
General information
Your contents insurance
Your belongings, valuables, and cash in your home
Important for tenants and property owners
Protect your belongings – whatever your living situation
Insured items
Valuables and cash
A locked safe is the safest option
Electronic devices in your car
Up to €2,500
Insured risks
Damage as a result of fire
Lightning and overvoltage
Damage as a result of lightning strikes and any related consequences
Theft by deception, burglary, and vandalism
Forced entry into your home related to theft
Leaking water from a broken pipe, for example
Civil unrest and strikes
Resulting damage to insured items
Natural hazards
Damage as a result of storms or hail
Insured costs
Repairing damage
Moving and protecting undamaged objects and clean-up costs
When your home is uninhabitable
As a result of an insured damage
Repair costs
Following burglary or water damage

What's not?

What is not covered
Furniture in your home that doesn't belong to you
In furnished rented properties, for example
Glass – only covered with the glass policy extension
Protect windows, mirrors, and more with the glass policy extension
Valuables in your car
Jewellery and certain valuables left in your car are not insured
Cars, boats, and aircraft
Including trailers and other accessories
Damages that aren't covered
Damage caused by pets
Pets don't count as an insured risk
Theft of possessions not considered burglary isn't covered
Uninsured water damage
Damage as a result of cleaning and groundwater
Uninsured risks
Landslides, avalanches, heavy rain, and other forces of nature
These are only covered with the natural hazards extension



You can expect the following differences with the Comfort tariff:

The amount you’re insured for
Special risks
Insured items
Insured places

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