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The former insurance broker about commission pressure, good teamwork and empathy in customer service

3 minute read2020-10-01
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In Customer Service, you have customer contact every day. What are your favourite conversations?

The best conversations are those from which the customer comes out happy because I was really able to help them. But since I primarily process claims, I also have to deal with customers whose claim has been rejected. When they are put under pressure by others and see huge costs coming up, it is understandable if they are not happy. In any case, I always try to find the best solution and explain everything well to them. If they can understand that, even these customers are happy - that's really cool.

What did you do before you came to Getsafe?

After my business studies with a focus on marketing, I worked for half a year in sales at a personnel service provider. After that I worked as a freelance consultant on insurance topics and financial investments. I had very intensive customer appointments that lasted several hours. And on the table there was always a thick file folder with the insurance documents - very classical and completely different from Getsafe.

What makes the big difference for you at Getsafe compared to your previous employment as a salesperson? Why did you leave the brokerage profession but still stay with insurance?

I stayed with insurance because I find the topic quite interesting. Once you have dealt with it intensively, you realize that it is not as boring and dry as many think. Getsafe is super advanced and works completely digital. I found that totally convincing. In my old job, I printed out stacks of paper and customers often moaned. Especially the younger ones didn't feel like making an extra appointment, coming to Frankfurt and sitting down with me for two to four hours. I can also understand that. The younger generation is simply much too fast-moving for that. I came across Getsafe when I was looking for solutions to make things better. And I immediately thought: "Cool counter-proposal."

What's different for you in your professional life now?

It's great for me to be able to advise customers independently of a commission. Sometimes I had the feeling that I had to push my customers in a certain direction so that they would buy the insurance that would secure me commission and thus my income. If you want to give good advice and don't want to talk anybody into anything, you're quickly caught between two stools. I didn't cope so well with this sales pressure and I'm glad that this is no longer the case with Getsafe. I also find it exciting to be able to take a look at the claims processes, which I previously only passed on to the insurance companies.

What are the top 3 benefits at Getsafe for you?

First of all, there is the team: It is great fun to work with my colleagues and I am always looking forward to going to work. What is simply practical for me as a native of Mannheim: Heidelberg is much closer than Frankfurt. And I like the relaxed but ambitious working atmosphere at Getsafe. Before that, I had to pack myself into these uncomfortable suits and somehow dress up. Here I can come to work in sweatpants if I'm in doubt. As long as I am committed to my work, nobody says anything. Oh, and I don't want to leave the kicker unmentioned as a great benefit!

How would you describe the spirit in your team?

The cohesion in our team is really strong and I think it's great how we all pull together. There is always someone who says: "Come on, let's do it now!" For example, last week we had to go through 200 final accounts - nasty work. We then pushed each other and worked through the folder the same day in threes. We also never miss out on the fun. For example, on Freaky Friday we always play some stupid music. Backstreet Boys are not really my taste, but it's fun and that makes working a lot easier.

Do you also like to work with people in your private life?

Privately, I also enjoy taking a social break and just being for myself when I'm hiking, for example. I'm more the quiet type and don't need much hustle and bustle. I like to be with my friends and as an Italian, I naturally spend a lot of time with my family (laughs). What I really don't like to do is to make private phone calls. I try to avoid that.

What is the most exhausting thing about your job?

When you do customer service, you should always be in a good mood. But you also have a bad day sometimes. Keeping your spirits up can be really exhausting. In some cases, I also find it difficult to maintain the necessary emotional distance. Even if you are constantly experiencing little strokes of fate, you have to stay professional. Once I felt very sorry for a customer and a "Oh, my little mouse ..." slipped out.

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