Step by Step: How to change your address in the Getsafe app

Here we explain how to do it – step by step

2 minute read2020-02-25
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A new job, a bigger apartment or back to sharing a flat? A relocation often marks a turning point in your life. While this is an exciting time, it can also be stressful. We can't make your moving boxes any lighter for you, but we can guarantee that changing your contact details will be easy. Updating your profile is quick and simple with the Getsafe app! Here we explain how to do it step by step.

How to change your address in the Getsafe app:

  1. Open the Getsafe app on your smartphone
  2. Click on "Profile" at the bottom right of your screen. Here you will find an overview of all the data you have stored, including scheduled payment dates, payment methods and insurance documents
  3. At the top of the screen, you will see your name and “Edit profile”. Click to see your personal contact details
  4. Click the blue “Edit” button at the top right of the screen to update your address and ensure we have the correct contact information.
  5. Don’t forget to save!

Please note: If you purchased contents insurance with us, the address in your insurance policy will NOT be automatically updated when you update your profile. If you move house, please contact our customer service to make sure your belongings are insured in your new home. To do so, you can either ask Carla a question or send an email to [email protected]. It takes only one message. Write us briefly where you have recently moved to and also state the size of your living space in square metres. As soon as we have entered the changes, you will receive a confirmation email from us.

Author: Carina