#staysafe During the Coronavirus Pandemic: What You Need to Know

We answer your questions and offer tips related to coronavirus and insurance

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We receive many questions about coronavirus. We want to let you know that Getsafe is there for you and none of our services have been affected by the current developments. To keep you up to date, we’ve compiled some key information for you. Where can you find reliable information about current developments? Which terminology do you need to know now, and what can insurance do for you during these times? Which initiatives are worth supporting and how can you contact us in future? Read this article to find the answers to all these questions and more.

11 Coronavirus Tips – And a Little Insurance

We want to support you as quickly as possible. Because so many good articles have been published already, this article includes links to external websites and resources. If you think we’ve missed a good initiative or useful tip, or if you have any questions, simply contact us. We’re happy to help and expand this list!

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This article covers the following topics:

  1. The most important information source: World Health Organization
  2. Getsafe is there for you as usual
  3. Social distancing with Getsafe: Help co-insured people
  4. Flatten the curve – an impressive simulation by the Washington Post
  5. Hygiene for heavy smartphone users
  6. Inspiration from Italy: Applause for the heros
  7. How can I reduce the risk of getting infected while shopping?
  8. Which insurance should you have during a crisis like this?
  9. How to help older people
  10. Tips on how to do your part
  11. Free Coronavirus consulation with KRY

#1 The most important information source: World Health Organization

Everyone’s talking about coronavirus and fake news is spreading alarmingly fast. We want to counteract this, so please take care to only refer to reliable sources. You can find all important information on the current situation on the World Health Organization website. For information specific to Germany, please refer to the Robert Koch Institute.

#2 Getsafe is there for you as usual

Man on his smartphone

Our app works for you – no matter where you are, day and night. Our mobile-first approach and our own technical infrastructure allow you to use everything as usual, even without any personal contact. You can use our app to cancel your insurance, or manage and extend your coverage. You can file claims 24/7 and ask us all the questions you like via Chat. And you can still contact our customer service team by phone.

#3 Social distancing with Getsafe: Help co-insured people

Since last weekend, it has become increasingly important to reduce all social contact to the bare essentials – and preferably avoid it entirely. This is known as "social distancing", and it is considered one of the most effective preventive measures. Yes, we too can play our part as an insurance company. Do you already know our Policy Networks feature? Co-insured persons can also access the Getsafe app.

When can you benefit from this feature? Let’s say you have liability insurance with Getsafe and your partner is co-insured. Or you took out household contents insurance for your shared flat and your flatmates are wondering what happens if something gets broken while cooking. The good news is that you’ll no longer have to have lengthy discussions about it. Simply add co-insured people to your coverage using the Getsafe app, and they can ask Carla themselves or look for the answers themselves in the insurance documents.

#4 Flatten the curve – an impressive simulation by the Washington Post

Even though it’s difficult to avoid social contact, it is essential in containing the spread of coronavirus infections. You should avoid spending time in rooms with several people and, in situations where this is not possible, keep a distance of at least 1.5 metres and follow hygiene guidance. Read more about the concept of social distancing in this article by the New York Times.

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We would also like to recommend this coronavirus simulator by the Washington Post, which clearly shows just how important it is to practice social distancing. We can all do our part to help #FlattenTheCurve

#5 Hygiene for heavy smartphone users

Social distancing is all well and good, but you’re probably spending more time on your phone now. Don’t forget to regularly disinfect it or at least wipe it with a clean cloth. Smartphones are often covered in more bacteria than a public toilet. You are most probably already aware of many other hygiene practices, but we’ve also compiled a few of them for you in our blog post.

#6 Inspiration from Italy: Applause for the heros

We think it’s great how the Italians are supporting each other and celebrating the doctors and nurses who are on the frontlines. Every evening, people are going out onto their balconies to sing and applaud for medical staff. Could this provide inspiration for other nations?

#7 How can I reduce the risk of getting infected when shopping?

Digital banking startup N26 has compiled a list of important information related to payment during the current pandemic.

#8 Which insurance should you have during a crisis like this?

Legal expenses insurance

Do you have any questions about how coronavirus affects your job? Are you unsure what rights you have as an employee or employer? Legal expense insurance protects you against high legal and litigation costs. It covers costs incurred during the course of legal disputes. Legal expense insurance is therefore not a luxury, but an important addition to your insurance coverage. The earlier you take out a policy, the better – so you can protect yourself and your bank account from unpleasant surprises.

What many people don’t know is that purchasing legal expense insurance gives you access to a 24/7 hotline where lawyers can answer your questions. The insurer covers the cost of this. In this way, legal expenses insurance empowers you by helping clarify important questions to which you would otherwise not find an answer.

More information on Getsafe legal insurance.

In our blog article we also answer many questions about Corona and your rights as an employee.

Travel health insurance

The German Federal Government and the Foreign Office are currently advising against all tourist travel. Nevertheless, you should consider taking out travel health insurance for future trips. Living in a country like Germany, we don't have to worry about the cost of a visit to the doctor. But abroad, the cost of treatment, medication and patient transport often add up quickly. The good thing about travel health insurance is that the insurer usually pays the full costs in an insured event, which means there is no excess for you.

So if you want to enjoy your holiday and be prepared for anything that might happen, travel health insurance for your holiday is a good idea. Find out more about our travel health insurance here.

#9 How to help older people

There are some things that can’t be solved online. Social interaction plays an important role for us and we want to help especially when things don't go as planned. Although we are currently forced to stay at home as much as possible, we should still try to help others. That’s why we’d like to draw your attention to the “Us Against Corona” initiative, which organises help for elderly people in your area. [German only]

#10 Tips on how to do your part

This blog post gives you practical everyday tips on how you can commit to preventing the spread of coronavirus.

#11 Free Coronavirus consultation with KRY

To support the health system in Germany, the startup KRY offers digital doctor's appointments via video. For patients who experience COVID-19 symptoms, these video consultation hours are now free of charge. For patients from the Heinsberg district, even all video appointments are free of charge until March 31, 2020 – regardless of their health concern.

All you have to do is download the KRY App – just like Getsafe, KRY is fully digital and mobile-first. The app guides you through everything and if necessary you will receive a professional medical diagnosis and advice.

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